We provide the following services: 


  • Legal analysis on your potential eligibility to obtain a work or resident permit in Switzerland

  • Assistance through the work and resident permit application process

  • Liaising and negotiating with public immigration offices


  • Support for the job application process with Swiss companies

Commercial and corporate legal assistance

  • Incorporation of companies and branches

  • Drafting corporate documentation

  • Providing domiciliation to companies

  • Providing trustee director 

  • Drafting commercial agreements

  • Liaising with commercial registers and notaries


Banks accounts

  • Assistance through the process of opening a bank account

Real estate

  • Guidance on renting and buying residential and commercial spaces

  • Assistance in property law issues such as termination and handover of leasehold agreements

  • Liaising with real estate agencies


  • Assistance through the process of applying to health insurances

  • Suggestion of and liaising with insurance providers


  • Assistance in finding appropriate schools and kindergartens

  • Liaising with schools and kindergartens


  • Activation or termination of all utilities such as water, electricity, internet and phone

  • Liaising with utility providers